Ceremony Year (1981)

Movies Came Out In (1980) Winner: Ordinary People – So surprised this won.  It was like a Lifetime movie, except long before Lifetime existed.  Good story about an older son accidentally dying and a younger son surviving all while burdening a tremendous amount of guilt and the relationship between the parents & son really suffers, […]

Ceremony Year (1986)

Movies Came Out In (1985) Winner: Out of Africa – Never saw originally, just watched it recently.  It was okay.  Long and dragged at times. The film has some gorgeous scenery around the plot which involves a love affair with an English lady and a game hunter in Kenya, Africa. The Color Purple – Never saw […]

Ceremony Year (1985)

Movies Came Out In (1984) Winner: Amadeus – Watched a lot in middle school music class.  Really enjoyed this film and still do, as it tells a very compelling story/biopic of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Killing Fields – Saw this pretty recently, didn’t know much about the topic.  Sad and compelling film which tells the story […]

Ceremony Year (2002)

Movies Came Out In (2001) Winner: A Beautiful Mind – A classic.  Great acting all around in a true story about a brilliant mathematician John Nash and his struggles to cope with reality. Gosford Park – I did not find this movie interesting in the least.  It was neat to see several Downton Abbey actors in […]

Ceremony Year (1994)

Movies Came Out In (1993) Winner: Schindler’s List – When Holocaust survivors state that this film depicts the reality of the events, then you know it’s the real deal.  For me, this movie is everything.  How could humans be so cruel to each other, and how could anyone survive such conditions, I’ll never understand.  This […]

Ceremony Year (1989)

Movies Came Out In (1988) Winner: Rain Man – A masterpiece, both in story and acting.  Brilliant and stands the test of time (as I’ve rewatched fairly recently). The story is about a self-absorbed 20-something year old that finds out he has an older autistic brother that he is challenged with caring for. This is […]

Ceremony Year (1980)

Movies Came Out In (1979) Winner: Kramer vs. Kramer – Saw as an adult, pretty gut wrenching story, with some great acting. The story involves a custody battle after a divorce and it’s pretty gut wrenching and I’m sure rings true to a lot of people. All That Jazz – Just watched recently, and was totally […]