Ceremony Year (1980)

Movies Came Out In (1979)


Kramer vs. Kramer – Saw as an adult, pretty gut wrenching story, with some great acting. The story involves a custody battle after a divorce and it’s pretty gut wrenching and I’m sure rings true to a lot of people.

All That Jazz – Just watched recently, and was totally surprised.  I always thought it was a musical, but it wasn’t.  Sure there were some musical numbers in it, but it was really a story about a director/choreographer’s life (playboying, drugs, being a jerk director, etc…).  Roy Scheider was absolutely fantastic in it.  Language/drugs/nudity explains why I never saw this film as a kid, but I wish I had seen it sooner as an adult.  Very good film.

Apocalypse Now – Only saw as an adult, pretty strange movie, was “ok” I guess. The basic plot is an Army officer is tasked with finding a “rogue” special forces officer in Vietnam and attempt to put him out of commission. There are a lot of popular cultural references in the film, so for that reason alone it’s probably worth watching.

Breaking Away – I really liked this film as a kid, and have seen several times as an adult.  Good coming of age story as a teenage boy is an avid cycler tries to woo an older college girl.

Norma Rae – Just saw recently, pretty much what I’d expect from a Lifetime movie nowadays.  It was just okay and involves Sally Fields as a plant worker that attempts to get her coworkers to unionize for better living and trouble ensues.

Brian’s Winner:

Kramer vs. Kramer, with All That Jazz as a close second.



Ceremony Year (1980) – Movies Came Out In (1979)