Ceremony Year (1996)

Movies Came Out In (1995)


Braveheart – One of my all time favorites.  On my trip to Ireland a few years back even visited one of the castles that was featured in the movie, super cool.  Love everything about this movie, can watch it every time I see it on TV. The basic plot is that William Wallace leads a revolt of Scotsman (and some Irish) against England, but there are a lot of sub-stories that enrich the film.

Apollo 13 – I enjoyed this movie a lot.  Can watch it numerous times again and again. It’s the true story of Apollo 13 mission to the moon, which encounters some major issues and just returning back safely to Earth becomes the mission.

Babe – Watched with my daughter, and we both enjoyed this film.  Surprised about the nomination, as it’s not normally films like this. The basic premise is a lone pig is raised by sheep and becomes a herder.

Il Postino: The Postman – Never even heard of this movie until recently, and then watched it.  A love story, with subtitles.  The story involves poet Pablo Neruda, who I knew nothing about other than a mention in the Simpsons episode “Bart Sells His Soul”.  It was a cute story, but nothing earth shattering or ground breaking.  Would I recommend watching?  Probably not.

Sense and Sensibility – This movie is basically like so many other English dramas (Howard’s End, Pride and Prejudice, etc…), that I think you could do a video mash-up interchanging scenes and still end up with the same plot and no one would even notice.  I found it pretty boring, as the basic plot is a father dies and his second wife and children are left penniless due to inheritance rules and they must find their way in the world.

Brian’s Winner:

Braveheart, hands down.



Ceremony Year (1996) – Movies Came Out In (1995)