Ceremony Year (2019)

Movies Came Out In (2018)


Green Book – An Italian-American bouncer is hired to drive an African-American jazz pianist thru a series of concert dates in the Deep South, during the 1960’s.  This was a really good film.  Provocative and thought-provoking, as it’s inspired by a real story and true friendship.  Some critics were not happy with the portrayal of Dr. Shirley and how his character seems to morph into whatever the director/writer felt that audiences would feel comfortable with.  I can definitely appreciate that, and kept that in mind as I watched it.  But overall, I really enjoyed this movie.

Black Panther – Saw in the theater and enjoyed this Marvel action/fantasy film.  Good plot, good action, good acting, very entertaining in my opinion.

BlacKkKlansman – I really liked this film.  The acting was great.  Some of the cinematography and dialog reminded me of Quentin Tarantino, more so than Spike Lee (in a good way).  Highly recommend this film.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the premise (based on a biography) is a black undercover officer in the 1970’s infiltrates the KKK.

Bohemian Rhapsody – I’m a big Queen fan, and thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  I learned quite a few new interesting facts about the band and Freddie Mercury in general.  Really recommend watching this movie, even if you’re not a fan of Queen.

The Favourite – A very cheeky comedy set in England during Queen Anne’s reign where a lady friend of the queen and a newly arrived servant vie for the affection and attention of the queen.  This movie is pretty funny and has some jaw-dropping scenes.  It’s well-written, fast paced and doesn’t drag at any particular moment.  I highly recommend this film.

Roma – Watched on Netflix, heard great things so I was excited to watch it.  In my opinion, it wasn’t great, it was good/okay.  A bit on the artsy-side for my tastes, not incredibly exciting/riveting, but interesting at times.

A Star Is Born – A very good film, but nothing like the original film (other than the title).  Great acting and singing by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  The story is interesting, but a little transparent at times.  A tad on the long side, but an enjoyable film nonetheless.

Vice – A very good film, as currently most adults would have lived thru the Bush/Cheney years, this movie should be required watching before any election.  Certainly some of the incidents are hyped for dramatic flair, but there’s enough truth in the story telling to really make your blood boil.

Brian’s Winner:

What a great year for films, picking a winner was hard.  I think I would have selected BlacKkKlansman as my personal winner.



Ceremony Year (2019) – Movies Came Out In (2018)