Ceremony Year (1985)

Movies Came Out In (1984)


Amadeus – Watched a lot in middle school music class.  Really enjoyed this film and still do, as it tells a very compelling story/biopic of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Killing Fields – Saw this pretty recently, didn’t know much about the topic.  Sad and compelling film which tells the story of a journalist entangled in a chaotic mess during Pol Pot’s reign of terror in Cambodia.

A Passage to India – This movie was ok.  I had heard of it, but never watched it until recently.  I had the notion that it was going to be about making a journey to India, but it wasn’t.  It revolved around a falsely accused Indian of raping a white English woman, and is eventually vindicated.  It was unnecessarily long in my opinion.  I felt like I could have gone to India by the time I had finished it.

Places in the Heart – Never saw originally, watched recently, I enjoyed it.  Good dust bowl story starring Sally Fields as a widowed mother of 2 trying to make ends meet with the help of strangers.

A Soldier’s Story – Never saw or even heard about this movie until recently, which is surprising since it stars Denzel Washington (albeit very young).  A good story with some good acting, I enjoyed it.  Had a good twist, showed the struggles of blacks in the armed forces during WW2, and the bs they had to deal with.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was the very end, like literally the ending of the film.  It ended on a somewhat campy/corny tone, like it was the movie “Stripes” or something.  I didn’t get why they did that for such a serious subject matter.

Brian’s Winner:

Amadeus, I think it’s a great story and movie that holds up with the passing of time.



Ceremony Year (1985) – Movies Came Out In (1984)