Ceremony Year (1994)

Movies Came Out In (1993)


Schindler’s List – When Holocaust survivors state that this film depicts the reality of the events, then you know it’s the real deal.  For me, this movie is everything.  How could humans be so cruel to each other, and how could anyone survive such conditions, I’ll never understand.  This film is brilliant.  Probably one of the best and most important films of all time. A masterpiece for every generation that ever walks planet Earth to watch.

The Fugitive – Love this movie, fun, action packed, great story, I’ve seen it easily 20+ times. Richard Kimble is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and he must find the one-armed man that did it. The story is well told and extremely suspenseful.

In the Name of the Father – I never saw this movie until recently.  I was missing out.  This film was great. Daniel Day-Lewis was really outstanding in it, and the true story was beyond compelling.  Any other year, this film would have been a winner, but not going up against Schindler’s List.  Additional bonus, I never knew the title song sung by Bono, what a great song. The film depicts a man’s journey through the prison system after being convicted for an IRA bombing that he didn’t do, very powerful, moving topic.

The Piano – Never saw this originally, but just watched it recently.  I absolutely hated it.  I wish the piano had capsized their canoe in the beginning of the movie and it just ended there instead of wasting my 2 hours and having to see full frontal nudity of Harvey Keitel. A woman and her young daughter are sent to New Zealand, along with their piano. They are supposed to be for a wealthy land owner to marry but a local worker has other plans.

The Remains of the Day – An interesting film, and not as boring as some of the other British-similar-theme movies (i.e. Howard’s End).  A good story (a butler realizes too late that his actions/loyalty to his master were misguided during WWII), captivating at times, and held my interest for the 2 hours.  Great movie?  No.  Watchable, yes.  If these type of British-themed movies aren’t your thing, you will not enjoy this movie.

Brian’s Winner:

Schindler’s List, no contest. One of the best & important movies of all time in my opinion.



Ceremony Year (1994) – Movies Came Out In (1993)