Ceremony Year (1981)

Movies Came Out In (1980)


Ordinary People – So surprised this won.  It was like a Lifetime movie, except long before Lifetime existed.  Good story about an older son accidentally dying and a younger son surviving all while burdening a tremendous amount of guilt and the relationship between the parents & son really suffers, but winner?

Coal Miner’s Daughter – Never saw this until recently.  Interesting biographical story of Loretta Lynn, disturbing on so many levels (marrying at 13, for starters).  Can’t say it was my favorite, but I didn’t mind it.

The Elephant Man – Never saw this until recently.  Really good story about a surgeon that befriends a disfigured man with some really great acting, and it was based on a true story which I wasn’t aware of.  I enjoyed this film and would recommend watching.

Raging Bull – A classic biographical story of boxer Jake LaMotta.  Enjoyed this film a lot, tremendous acting by Robert De Niro.

Tess – Wow, what a snooze fest.  Peasant girl falls “in love” with 2 men, one of the men ends up raping her, and she loses the child (death) at a young age.  I really found the story to be totally uninteresting, and the film just dragged on. 

Brian’s Winner:

Raging Bull



Ceremony Year (1981) – Movies Came Out In (1980)