Ceremony Year (1997)

Movies Came Out In (1996)


The English Patient – Never saw originally, just watched it recently, I thought it was just “ok”.  Wasn’t really moved by it, one way or another. The story is told in flashback format and the basic plot is a badly burned pilot during World War II who gets involved in a love affair.

Fargo – Really didn’t like this movie when I first saw it, I rewatched a few years ago, and had a new appreciation for it.  Quirky and enjoyable to me now. The plot involves a poorly planned crime by a bumbling buffoon and a persistent nose-to-the-grindstone pregnant police officer cross paths in a series crazy incidents.

Jerry Maguire – Surprised this was nominated.  It was good, just good.  Not great.  Does have some memorable scenes often quoted in pop culture. The basic premise of the movie is a sports agent loses all but one of his clients and his entire future is held in the hands of that one sports figure.

Secrets & Lies – Never heard of this movie until recently.  Kind of a quirky story (set in London, young black lady looks for her biological mother, and finds out she’s white and a bit on the trashy side & has a somewhat ‘crazy’ family).  I have to say, at first I thought it was a bit boring, but it started to pick up and in the end I was in tears over the situation/movie.  Quite moving.

Shine – Never saw this when it originally came out, watched recently and rather enjoyed it.  Very sad and a little inspiring at the same time.  Really enjoyed the acting and the story (a pianist has a mental break at a young age, derailing his promising career) was pretty good.  Really liked the restaurant scene when he stunned everyone.

Brian’s Winner:

This is a tough one.  None of the films are outstanding, but I think I would pick Fargo with Shine being a close second.



Ceremony Year (1997) – Movies Came Out In (1996)