Ceremony Year (1974)

Movies Came Out In (1973)


The Sting – An absolute classic tale of a long con pulled off by two grifters that stands the test of time.  Watched recently with my daughter and she enjoyed it, despite how old it is and the time period is old as well.  Perfect Newman and Redford.

American Graffiti – I don’t remember seeing this movie, so I watched it recently.  It’s a coming of age story for some high school graduates, and the plot line reminds of me of American Pie (slightly).  It was fun to see a super young Harrison Ford, and a few of the stars of Happy Days (Howard and Williams) right before the TV series aired in a similar time period setting, and of course Dreyfuss a few years before Jaws.  Great film? No.  Interesting enough to watch, sure.

Cries and Whispers – I just watched this recently, and really disliked this film.  Perhaps something is lost in the translation (the film is all subtitled), but I didn’t get it.  It was weird and confusing.  I didn’t feel anything for any of the characters and was very glad that the film was only about 90 minutes long.  The plot revolves a sister dying of cancer and a reunification with siblings which isn’t pleasant. I definitely would not recommend watching this film.

The Exorcist – Never saw this as a kid, teen, young adult, etc… I’m not into horror flicks, so I watched this strictly out of completing my goal of watching all Oscar nominated movies.  I’m glad I never watched this movie, way too creepy for me as a teenage girl is possess by the devil and her mother enlists a few priests to exorcise the demon.  Not my type of movie at all.  I now get a lot of the popular culture reference that I never quite understood before, but I could have done w/o seeing this movie.

A Touch of Class – Lame cheesy “romantic” comedy.  Set in London, George Segal’s character is an outright cheater, and a goofy one at that.  There were about 3 funny lines in the whole film.  It just wasn’t very good.  The way it was filmed (in particular the baseball field scenes) was beyond cheesy (almost Benny-Hill-like).  Would not recommend watching this film.

Brian’s Winner:

The Sting, one of my all time favorites



Ceremony Year (1974) – Movies Came Out In (1973)