Ceremony Year (2014)

Movies Came Out In (2013)


12 Years a Slave – Great movie.  A deserving winner.  Amazing story, amazing acting.

American Hustle – I liked it.  Probably could watch it again.  Wasn’t great but might enjoy it more on a 2nd watch.

Captain Phillips – Good flick.  True story.  I enjoyed it.  Probably wouldn’t watch again, just not one of those types of movies (for me).

Dallas Buyers Club – Really great movie.  Sad, but worth watching.  Not the type of movie I’ll watch again, a bit too depressing.

Gravity – Good movie, I enjoyed it.  I would watch again, for things I missed.  Enjoyed Bullock’s acting.

Her – Ok, I don’t know if I hated or liked this movie, lol.  Strange/interesting premise, but I’m not sure about the whole thing.

Nebraska – Ok, I didn’t like this movie, but I really enjoyed the family members making fun of how long it took him to drive to certain places, my favorite part of the movie.

Philomena – Great film.  Inspired by a true story.  Sad, humorous at times, fantastic acting, kept my interest the whole time.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Great movie, but about 30 minutes too long.  Could have been shorter and been just as good.

Brian’s Winner:

12 Years a Slave They got it right this year.  But what an amazing year for movies!



Ceremony Year (2014) – Movies Came Out In (2013)