Ceremony Year (1959)

Movies Came Out In (1958)


Gigi – Just watched recently, and I did not enjoy this musical.  The French accent of Maurice Chevalier just reminded me of “Be My Guest” from Beauty And The Beast, literally every time he spoke or sung.  Very annoying.  And the plot wasn’t any good (Rich playboy in Paris, has a platonic friendship with Gigi that turns into more).

Auntie Mame – I watched on TCM and absolutely loved this film.  Clever writing, great acting.  Sure it was campy in parts, but it was done on purpose, and played off beautifully.  I found myself laughing out loud at many of the jokes/retorts.  The “stage lighting” effect during the movie and ending scenes was also very interesting and something I have not seen before in a film.  Overall, I highly recommend this film.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Saw recently and really enjoyed this film, especially to see such a young Newman and Taylor like I hadn’t seen them before.  Nothing earth shattering about the plot/play (I believe I read the Tennessee Williams play in high school) but a decent story overall.

The Defiant Ones – Pretty good film which reminded me at times of buddy films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Lethal Weapons, etc… Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier deliver pretty decent performances as escaped convicts that must “get along” during their escape since they’re chained together.  I liked this film and would recommend watching, it’s not overly long and moves along at a good pace.

Separate Tables – A decent film telling the stories of several different people that are staying at a seaside hotel in England.  They all sit at separate dining tables during meals in the hotel (somewhat like a B&B in the US).  I liked it, but there wasn’t anything riveting about it, just some decent stories and acting.

Brian’s Winner:

Auntie Mame



Ceremony Year (1959) – Movies Came Out In (1958)