Ceremony Year (1960)

Movies Came Out In (1959)


Ben-Hur – One of my all-time favorites, I’ve seen about 10 times, which is a lot considering how long this movie is.  Made my daughter watch it with me a few years back, and while she was bored at times, I think she liked most of it.

Anatomy of a Murder – Watched this recently, I enjoyed this movie, but thought the ending was flat and corny.  Could have been a lot more interesting.  It was long and it seemed like the director was like “ok, let’s just end it here”.

The Diary of Anne Frank – Watched as a kid, and watched several years back with my daughter. Gut wrenching and sad.

The Nun’s Story – This movie wasn’t half bad actually.  The main character going thru nun training was a bit on the long side, but I suppose it was necessary to make the viewer realize the craziness that they have to go through.  But the story was pretty good, and I enjoyed Audrey Hepburn’s acting.  I didn’t mind watching this film at all.

Room at the Top – Just watched recently.  A decent story/plot about a guy that falls for a young lady that is a higher class than he, he’s shunned by the parents, gets involved with another old lady, and he basically becomes a spoiled brat of only wanting what he can’t have and then when he gets it he doesn’t want it.  He gets his in the end, by impregnating the original girl and forced to marry her, which he clearly sees as a prison sentence (and it’s a just punishment since he basically caused the suicide of the older lady).  All in all, I think it’s worth watching, it’s pretty decent.

Brian’s Winner:

Ben-Hur, to this today, one of my favorite films.



Ceremony Year (1960) – Movies Came Out In (1959)