Ceremony Year (1958)

Movies Came Out In (1957)


The Bridge on the River Kwai – Absolutely love this film, seen it many times.  Highly recommend watching if you never have.

12 Angry Men – Saw this pretty recently, I think it holds up well.  Good story, great acting.  Henry Fonda delivers a great performance.

Peyton Place – Scandals rock a small New England town.  Just watched this recently and thought it was very good.  The only problem that I had with it: no one talked like a New Englander in it.

Sayonara – Just saw this film recently and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Brando delivers a really good performance and the plot is very intriguing (post-WW2, during Korean War, American servicemen deal with the struggles of falling in love with Japanese women while stationed overseas despite it being forbidden/discouraged/illegal by Asian culture and US military ways).  I would definitely recommend watching if you enjoy good acting and a decent plot.

Witness for the Prosecution – Pretty good movie.  The cranky old lawyer had some good zingers and the plot had a fairly intricate twist that I admittedly didn’t see coming.  I enjoyed this flick.  I watched on TCM, and thought it was interesting that the movie ended with a “PSA” of sorts, informing movie watchers not to spoil the ending for those that haven’t seen the film yet.  Pretty cool in a way.

Brian’s Winner:

The Bridge on the River Kwai – one of my all time favorites.



Ceremony Year (1958) – Movies Came Out In (1957)