Ceremony Year (1966)

Movies Came Out In (1965)


The Sound of Music – Have always enjoyed this film and even more so watching with my daughter. For those not in the know, the film is set during World War II, in Austria. Julie Andrews plays a wanna-be nun turned nanny to a group of children who’s widowed father is in the Navy. Fleeing danger (Nazis) is the basic premise and it’s set to some extremely memorable and catchy tunes.

A Thousand Clowns – Just watched recently, and this wasn’t too bad actually.  Stars a very young Jason Robards, which was fun to see.  Robards is a non-conformist, out of work tv program writer that is the ward of his 12 year old nephew.  He’s got some real good one-liners about life, the work force, the agency trying to take away his nephew, and his love interest (one of the social workers).  In the end he, succumbs and tows the straight and narrow to provide for his nephew and keep their family unit together.  The movie moves quickly and is very entertaining at times (the scene with the light-up booby lamp is particularly funny).  I would recommend watching if you ever get the chance.

Darling – Just watched recently, and was not impressed.  Rich blonde beauty sleeps her way to a “career”, user becomes the used.  Overall just plain boring and pointless. Would recommend skipping.

Doctor Zhivago – Watched recently, long and boring in my opinion.  Was not a favorite of mine by any stretch of the imagination. The premise is a Russian couple suffer hardships/complications during World War I and the October Revolution.

Ship of Fools – Just watched recently, and I thought this to be a very good film.  A bunch of people are on a cruise ship, pre-WW II, and serve as a microcosm look into society at the time (namely German attitude towards Jews).  This movie was very thought provoking (and I believe that was the intent) and enjoyable to watch.  I would recommend watching if you ever get the chance.

Brian’s Winner:

The Sound of Music



Ceremony Year (1966) – Movies Came Out In (1965)