Ceremony Year (1963)

Movies Came Out In (1962)


Lawrence of Arabia – Enjoyed as a teenager when I watched it originally.  Watched it recently, and while my wife absolutely hates this film, I still enjoy it, but have to admit it’s a bit on the long side as a British officer tries to unite competing Arabs tribes to fight the Turks in WWI.

The Longest Day – Watched recently.  The film shows D-day from Allied and German perspectives, but in my opinion it does not hold up well compared to more modern WWII films.  A bit corny/cheesy, especially the dialogue and bravado.

The Music Man – Watched recently, had absolutely no idea that The Simpsons’s “Monorail” episode is basically based on this musical/film.  Any Simpsons fan must watch this film, for that reason alone.  The musical has some catchy tunes in it, but the plot (a band leader cons a small town) is pretty transparent.  And like many musicals in this period, everyone just starts singing along, knows all the words, even though 1 minute earlier they had no knowledge of the subject matter.

Mutiny on the Bounty – Watched recently, and I enjoyed this version with Marlon Brando.  The Hopkins/Gibson remake was pretty much like this version.  Pretty good acting, scenery, special effects, etc… I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. The plot for those unaware is: the crew of British naval ship mutinies against a pretty rigid captain on their way to Tahiti in the late 1700’s.

To Kill a Mockingbird  – A classic, but not as good as the book, in my opinion.  Watched quite a few times over the years, and pretty recently with my daughter, it holds up well. The plot is: a lawyer in the Deep South defends a black man who is wrongly accused of rape.

Brian’s Winner:

Lawrence of Arabia



Ceremony Year (1963) – Movies Came Out In (1962)