Ceremony Year (1973)

Movies Came Out In (1972)


The Godfather – Perfect movie, perfect acting, a masterpiece, a classic, must see for everyone as it portrays the lives of a crime family in New York City.

Cabaret – I really didn’t enjoy this film/musical very much.  My wife said the actual musical is much better and more powerful.  The singing was okay, but the songs, in my opinion, weren’t very memorable at all.  An interesting story with an interesting perspective (club dancer gets involved in romance while the Nazi party rises to power in Berlin), but I guess I was expecting more.

Deliverance – Saw as a teen and a few times as an adult.  One disturbing scene, but a really great movie in my opinion. The story, for those unfamiliar, is about 4 city men take a backwoods canoeing adventure and meet up with some hill folk and chaos/tragedy ensues.

The Emigrants – Watched recently on TCM, and the plot is basically a Swedish family in the mid-1800’s is having tremendous hardships in their homeland and decide to take a long and arduous journey to emigrate to the US.  You know what was also long and arduous?  Watching this movie.  The filming and scenes were extremely realistically and true to the period, so I have no issue with the authenticity of the film.  But gosh, it was boring and not very compelling.

Sounder – I enjoyed this film, having watched it on TCM.  Wasn’t earth shattering or the most riveting plot, but it held my interest and didn’t drag on.  It’s a depression-era film, where the oldest son of a family of black share croppers has to “grow up” very quickly after his father is imprisoned for stealing food (Sounder is the name of their dog, who suffers a sad fate).  Worth watching, in my opinion.

Brian’s Winner:

The Godfather, hands down, as it’s possibly the best movie of all time.



Ceremony Year (1973) – Movies Came Out In (1972)