Ceremony Year (1984)

Movies Came Out In (1983)


Terms of Endearment – A great film, makes me cry every time I watch it.  My nana died around the time of me seeing this film when originally released, very emotional film for me. The story focuses on Debra Winger’s character looking for love, an “unpleasable” mother, and ultimately tragedy.

The Big Chill – Never saw this as a kid, just watched recently.  Very glad that I didn’t watch it as a kid, I would have been bored stiff.  But as an adult, because so much of the movie rings true, I actually enjoyed watching it.  Wasn’t the greatest movie, but interesting enough I think. The story involves a group of old college friends reuniting after many years at a friend’s funeral and examining how each of their lives has turned out.

The Dresser – Never heard of this movie until recently, and I was not a fan.  A right hand man of an aging actor has to watch the deterioration of a man that he’s clearly in love with (Think: Smithers to Monty Burns).  However, the film was just boring and much too long.

The Right Stuff – Loved this film when I originally saw it as a kid and probably helped me in my love for science in general. It’s a long film but a very interesting portrayal of the original 7 Mercury astronauts and ushering in the space era in the USA.

Tender Mercies – Watched recently and thought it was okay.  The plot wasn’t anything earth shattering (country singing father is abusive to first wife and daughter & is estranged, comes back into the picture later in life, having somewhat turned around his life).  The acting was good/believable and it wasn’t terribly long.  Would I recommend watching it, probably not.

Brian’s Winner:

Terms of Endearment, a solid winner



Ceremony Year (1984) – Movies Came Out In (1983)