Ceremony Year (1969)

Movies Came Out In (1968)


Oliver! – Had never seen this (which is surprising b/c it seemed like the type of movie that would have been shown in school – music class, rainy days, etc…), until I watched it on TCM.  It was pretty good.  Musicals usually aren’t my thing, but I didn’t mind this one.  I knew most of the songs (mostly from commercial parodies) so it’s nice to know where the actual true songs came from and what the lyrics really are (instead of “Cheese glorious cheese” from a mac n’ cheese commercial).

Funny Girl – This was a pretty decent musical telling a pretty interesting/funny story of the life of Fanny Bryce.  Barbra Streisand did a great job acting and performing.  I liked it and would recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it before.

The Lion In Winter – Cool to see a youngish Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton, along side Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.  BUT, I did not enjoy this movie.  Seemed really unrealistic, pretty boring at times, and incredibly long for not accomplishing that much in the plot, which is King Henry II’s three sons vie for the throne.

Rachel, Rachel – Just watched this recently, and never heard of it before.  It was not my cup of tea, by any stretch of the imagination.   I suppose Joanne Woodward did some “ok” acting in it, but I found the topic (35 year old school teacher has doubts/misgivings on her life and imagines the way things be otherwise) really boring.

Romeo and Juliet – Saw this over a dozen times as a kid in music class.  I have to admit, I liked its portrayal of Shakespeare’s classic play.

Brian’s Winner:

Romeo and Juliet



Ceremony Year (1969) – Movies Came Out In (1968)