Ceremony Year (1988)

Movies Came Out In (1987)


The Last Emperor – Never saw this film until recently.  A very interesting story about the last emperor of China and the ordeal that he went through.  It was a pretty engaging movie and compelling way to learn about the history.  It was a tad on the long side, could have been about 30 minutes shorter and still communicated the story effectively.

Broadcast News – Never saw originally, but watched recently.  I enjoyed this story about 2 news anchors (one handsome, one not so much) and a female producer, and I can see why it was popular in the 80’s.  The story somewhat holds up over time, despite the news landscape changing.

Fatal Attraction – Great film, very suspenseful.  Made the pop culture reference of someone being a “bunny boiler” very popular to this day. The basic plot is a man has an affair and has to deal with some major consequences.

Hope and Glory – Watched this recently, and was not impressed.  I had never heard of this movie, ever, while growing up.  It was nothing special.  It was semi-autobiographical, but not very compelling.  WW2 through the eyes of a nine year old, watching everything else go on in “his” world and joyful when Hitler blows up his school (so he didn’t have to go to school any more).  Again, I wouldn’t recommend watching, it wasn’t that good.

Moonstruck – I just watched this recently and had never seen it before.  It was a cute rom-com about a bookkeeper that falls in loves with the brother of the man she’s about to marry.  Nothing special, but overall enjoyable.

Brian’s Winner:

The Last Emperor with Fatal Attraction coming in second.



Ceremony Year (1988) – Movies Came Out In (1987)