Ceremony Year (1978)

Movies Came Out In (1977)


Annie Hall – Saw recently, and enjoyed it.  It was pretty funny and a good story, but winner?  Not in my opinion.  Woody Allen’s “character” falls in love with somewhat of a ditzy character (Annie Hall) played by Diane Keaton.  Allen’s character has most of the funny lines in the movie.

The Goodbye Girl – Never heard of this movie until recently, and it was pretty decent as it involves a struggling mom and her daughter being helped out by a struggling actor.  The movie was made by Quinn Cummings (little girl Lucy) and Richard Dreyfuss’s acting.  They really had some solid and witty dialogue, I did not enjoy the mom’s character/acting as much.  Great movie? Nah.  Watchable and enjoyable?  Yes.

Julia – Never even heard of this movie prior to my journey to watch all Oscar nominated movies, I have to admit, I enjoyed it.  It was a little slow at times, but it was a pretty good story (Jane Fonda’s character has to smuggle funds into Nazi Germany for an old friend).

Star Wars – I’ve seen this movie well over a thousand times, easily.  Pretty much shaped my life, and that’s not being hyperbolic in the least.

The Turning Point – Another movie that I never heard of, and just watched recently.  It was pretty good.  Shirley MacLaine is a former ballerina that gave up her career to have a family, her daughter grows up to be a ballerina and emotions coming back & she questions her decisions.  MacLaine and Anne Bancroft deliver really good performances and their “fight” scene made me lol.  There’s a lot of ballet in the movie, so if that’s not your thing, you may not enjoy those portions.

Brian’s Winner:

Star Wars, without a doubt.



Ceremony Year (1978) – Movies Came Out In (1977)