Ceremony Year (1982)

Movies Came Out In (1981)


Chariots of Fire – Long and boring, absolutely did not like this film. I never saw as a kid, my dad said I would hate it. Some almost 40 years later, he was spot on. The plot is 2 Olympic athletes, a Jew & a Christian, compete in the 1924 games, and hilarity ensues. Just kidding. One is running/competing for God, one is running to overcome prejudices. The best part is the theme song, that I really enjoy.

Atlantic City – Just watched recently, and wasn’t that impressed.  I thought that the plot (aging NJ gangster paired with the wife of a small-time pot dealer, trouble ensues) was a little suspect in that characters weren’t developed very much and the story was a bit thin.  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve watched, but it seemed more like a made-for-tv film than anything else.

On Golden Pond – Never saw originally, watched recently.  I liked it, nothing outstanding but I still enjoyed it. Probably the most interesting thing is that it pairs real-life father/daughter (Henry & Jane Fonda) as on-screen father/daughter. They have a somewhat estranged relationship and the grandfather/grandmother watch (babysit) their teen grandson for a summer and a relationship blossoms.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – A classic.  Influenced me greatly as a kid.  I’ve seen well over 200 times, easily. If you don’t know the plot, trust me, just go watch this movie immediately.

Reds – Just saw recently, an interesting story (true), but way too long.  I liked the way the film was director with the witness accounts/testimonials mixed in with the film, but again, did it really need to be over 3 hours? The plot is basically that an American journalist is infatuated with communist Russia and wants to bring their ideals and way of life to the USA.

Brian’s Winner:

Raiders of the Lost Ark – but films like this never seem to win, however, I’m impressed that it was even nominated.



Ceremony Year (1982) – Movies Came Out In (1981)