Ceremony Year (1993)

Movies Came Out In (1992)


Unforgiven – Saw this in the theater when it originally came out.  I wasn’t very impressed then, and quite frankly I’ve watched it since, and still haven’t been impressed.  It’s entertaining enough at times, but certainly drags for long periods. At the time, I felt like it was a charity/pity win for Clint Eastwood, and I still feel that way. The plot focuses on a washed up gunslinger helping out one last “just cause” with the help of an old friend and a young brash cowboy.

The Crying Game – A good film with good acting, big twist at the time, probably wouldn’t be so much nowadays.  I thought it was worth watching, not great, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I don’t want to give away the plot/twist, in case you haven’t seen and want to watch it.

A Few Good Men – Loved it.  Seen it dozens of times. Tom Cruise plays a young brash inexperienced Naval lawyer defending 2 young Marines accused of manslaughter at Gitmo. Jack Nicholson plays a colonel and delivers the performance of a lifetime. Truly great acting by all the characters.

Howards End – Oh my goodness, did I hate this film.  Boring and stupid. Anthony Hopkins plays an English businessman who attempts to bypass his wife’s legacy to another woman. I had tremendous trouble getting through this film, found it so dull.

Scent of a Woman – Really liked this film.  Watched it when it originally came out and again pretty recently.  Stands up well and is a great story, as Al Pacino delivers a fantastic performance as a crotchety blind retired Army colonel who gives a prep school student a few lessons in life over his school break.

Brian’s Winner:

A Few Good Men



Ceremony Year (1993) – Movies Came Out In (1992)