Ceremony Year (2001)

Movies Came Out In (2000)


Gladiator – One of my all-time favorite movies.  Love everything about it.  Seen it about 100 times, easily.  In case you don’t know, a Roman general is cast-off, sent to die, by the new self-crowned emperor.  General doesn’t die, becomes an enslaved gladiator, hell bent on revenge against the emperor.

Chocolat – Cute film, enjoyable.  Nothing earth shattering, just a good simple story about a mother and daughter opening a chocolate store in a quaint French town and they begin to shatter the social norms.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Has some amazing fight sequences, but also some really dumb ones (like “in the trees” one).  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  It was just okay.  The story involves a stolen sword from a famous warrior, and a romantic adventure that ensues.

Erin Brockovich – Good story, good acting, true events, I liked the portrayal.  The plot revolves a legal assistant (Julia Roberts) that brings down a powerful water company for polluting the water supply, while struggling with being a single mom.  My all-time favorite line: “They’re called boobs, Ed.”

Traffic – Another great movie, with great acting.  Have seen several dozen times.  There are several plots line in the film, which all interweave at some point.  One involves the new Drug Czar and his daughter who’s an addict, another involves a drug king pin captured, and finally a couple of DEA agents escapades.  Highly recommend watching this film.

Brian’s Winner:

Gladiator – hands down, not even a question.



Ceremony Year (2001) – Movies Came Out In (2000)