Ceremony Year (2008)

Movies Came Out In (2007)


No Country for Old Men – Did not like.  Did not “get it”.  Thought it was stupid. A hunter accidentally stumbles into the world of a drug deal gone bad near the Rio Grande river. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, in my opinion, it was just weird and not very good & certainly not winner-worthy.

Atonement – And interesting movie.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t think it was great either.  If it were a true story, then it’d be pretty compelling, but it’s not. A 13 year old girl falsely accuses her older sister’s boyfriend of a crime, thus forever changing their lives. I loved the Dunkirk tie-in and the acting was very believable, but all-in-all it just fell a little flat for me.

Juno – Cute movie.  Liked the acting.  Good story, not great. Teenage girl gets pregnant, considers alternatives, eventually settles on a family for adoption, family situation turns out to not be what it appeared and “life happens”.

Michael Clayton – Meh.  Thought it could have been so much more. A “fixer” is brought in to a high-profile law firm after one of their attorneys finds a conscience in a class action lawsuits they’re involved with. Plot sounds fantastic and really could have been something worth watching, but in my opinion it was not.

There Will Be Blood – Film started out, and I really liked it.  Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor, but why must all his roles be so weird.  In this film, I felt like his character took too quick of a turn into bizarro world without much of an explanation.  The plot follows an oil prospector’s road to fortune around the turn of the century. I had high hopes, but I think this flick was a dud.

Brian’s Winner:

Juno – but Gone Baby Gone, which wasn’t even nominated, was way better than all the nominees



Ceremony Year (2008) – Movies Came Out In (2007)