Ceremony Year (2017)

Movies Came Out In (2016)


Moonlight – Wow, did I hate this movie.  I found nothing redeeming about it.  Complete waste of time.  Can’t believe it won.  I was waiting for something even remotely interesting to happen in it, that never came.

Arrival – Loved this movie.  Watched it again, after watching it once (just for perspective, since I now knew the twist).  I could watch it again.  Great premise, great acting, very emotional.

Fences – I hated it.  Felt like a play, with absolutely no pay-off.  I was hoping it was going to be good, I was disappointed.

Hacksaw Ridge – I liked it.  It wasn’t great, but watchable.

Hell or High Water – Pleasantly surprised.  Knew nothing about it when I started watching it, and I really enjoyed the story.  I was a bit surprised by the open carrying scene at one of the robberies, and it did make me laugh.

Hidden Figures – Loved this movie.  Really loved that my daughter loved it.

La La Land – Heard so much about this and was expecting more.  I’m not super huge into musicals, but I went in with an open mind.  It was okay.  My wife (into musicals) hated it, couldn’t even make it through the whole flick.  I guess it was just “okay” in my opinion.  I really enjoyed the fact that Gosling really learned to play piano for the role, mad props for that.

Lion – Really really enjoyed this movie.  Considering it was based on a true story, it was pretty emotional.  I was pleasantly surprised with this flick, I highly recommend watching it.

Manchester by the Sea – Wow, did I hate this movie.  It was slow, depressing, and boring.  Again, I had heard so much about how great it was, after watching, I did not share that opinion.

Brian’s Winner:

Hidden Figures



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