Ceremony Year (1952)

Movies Came Out In (1951)


An American in Paris – Never saw this movie until recently, and I really enjoyed this movie.  In fact, I loved this film.  It just seemed so cool and I could see how it would have been super hip in 1951.  I wish I could walk as cool as Gene Kelly, never mind dance like him.

Decision Before Dawn – A pretty decent film.  I’m a sucker for most WW2 movies and plots involving infiltrating Nazi Germany.  The acting is good, the action is good, and I found the plot to be pretty enjoyable/intriguing.

A Place in the Sun – Just watched recently and rather enjoyed it.  Good acting performance by Montgomery Clift and Liz Taylor, coupled with a decent plot.  The movie moved along at a good pace, and was pretty entertaining throughout.  The plot was a man from little wealth, visits his rich uncle, gets employment, falls for a factory worker, impregnates her, then falls for a rich debutante, wants to be with the rich girl, sets up a murder for the poor pregnant girl, gets caught, pays the price.

Quo Vadis – Saw recently, and it was pretty good.  The sets/scenery reminded me of other epics like Cleopatra and Ben Hur.  The story line was pretty decent (involving Nero, burning cities, and a slave/Roman love affair).  The actor that plays Nero (Peter Ustinov) is so over the top campy, that I often thought he was King Tut in the Batman TV series in the 60’s (he’s not).  The thing that bothers me most with the scenery/costumes/sets is: how pristine everything is.  Everything is freshly ironed, perfectly clean, etc…  Not realistic at all.

A Streetcar Named Desire – Saw recently, not sure what all the fuss is/was about.  Just ok in my opinion.  Stella!

Brian’s Winner:

An American in Paris



Ceremony Year (1952) – Movies Came Out In (1951)