Ceremony Year (1950)

Movies Came Out In (1949)


All the King’s Men – Just watched recently and really loved this film, especially with its parallels to current American politics.  It’s the story of the rise and fall of a corrupt politician that relies on populist appeal.  Really good film, I highly recommend watching.

Battleground – A pretty decent film (true story) about a squadron dealing with the Nazis on the besieged town of Bastogne, Belgium.  The film doesn’t have a whole lot of action scenes as it shows a lot of the psychological warfare and morale of the troops during combat.  I enjoyed this film, and would recommend watching it, if WW2 movies are up your alley.

The Heiress – Just watched recently and enjoy this film quite a bit.  The plot is: A young naive woman falls for a handsome young man who her emotionally abusive father suspects is a fortune hunter.  But the young woman has a surprise for the gentleman caller in the end.  The fortune hunter is Montgomery Clift who is a striking actor that died way too young (age 46).

A Letter to Three Wives – Watched recently and did not enjoy this film.  It has an interesting premise (a lady sends a letter to 3 wives telling them that she’s run off w/ one of their husbands.  The ladies reflect on their marriages b/c they’re on a ferry and can’t phone to find who’s run off).  However, I found it really dull and slow moving.  And in the end, a very unsatisfying conclusion.

Twelve O’Clock High – Really liked this movie.  Gregory Peck played a good role and the acting was pretty decent.  I liked that they used actual WW2 battle footage for the airplane fight scenes.  Good story, I enjoyed.

Brian’s Winner:

All the King’s Men with The Heiress coming in a close second.



Ceremony Year (1950) – Movies Came Out In (1949)