Ceremony Year (1962)

Movies Came Out In (1961)


West Side Story – Just watched recently with my wife & daughter.  This one was a hard one for me to get through.  It was so cornball and cheesy with the premise, that it was very hard to stomach at times for me (and my daughter particularly disliked).  Some of the songs were great, but the dance/fighting was so ‘lame’.  A modern day Romeo & Juliet, I get it, but seems like it could have been not so ridiculous.

Fanny – Just watched recently and it was okay, not great and I couldn’t say that I’d really recommend going out of one’s way to watch it.  A love triangle that is beyond weird, a pretty young lady, a handsome young man, and a super old guy.  It simply wasn’t believable, even for an older film.  Just creepy/bizarre, as the young couple have an affair, she gets pregnant, but then marries the old guy, and they try to pass off the baby as his.

The Guns of Navarone – Watched fairly recently, and it was okay.  A bit cheesy at times (effects/scenes/dialog), but for the time period, I guess it was on-par. The plot revolves an elite British team during WWII sent to a Greek isle to destroy a powerful & strategic German gun site.

The Hustler – Loved this film, especially after seeing The Color Of Money as a kid. The movie stars a young Paul Newman as a cocky pool player that attempts to best a long time famous pool player played by Jackie Gleason (Minnesota Fats).

Judgment at Nuremberg – Watched fairly recently, and I liked it as it’s set just a few years after WWII and involves the trial of 4 Nazi war criminals in an American court in West Berlin.  Wasn’t great, and a little slow at times, but good overall and worth watching.

Brian’s Winner:

The Hustler



Ceremony Year (1962) – Movies Came Out In (1961)