Ceremony Year (1977)

Movies Came Out In (1976)


Rocky – I always loved Rocky, the story of David vs Goliath in “boxing” format.  However, I’m not sure it stands the test of time.  I’ve watched with my daughter and she was bored to tears, and I’ve heard the same for others.  But I still like it, even if it is a little slow at times.

All the President’s Men – A good political thriller about Watergate with some good acting (Robert Redford, DustinHoffman), I’ve always enjoyed it. Runs a bit long and drags at times, but all in all worth the effort.

Bound for Glory – Just saw this film recently, I liked it quite a bit.  It was about 30 minutes too long, and could have easily been shaved down to 2 hours flat.  David Carradine gave a really good performance of Woody Guthrie, and brought his story of Woody’s early life/struggles to life.  As I watched, I could really see the influences of Guthrie on Bob Dylan’s music, quite remarkable.

Network – Saw recently.  This film was way ahead of its time in predicting the future of television, and pretty much what’s on the airwaves nowadays to some degree.  Really well acted.  I enjoyed watching William Holden near the end of his career/life.  Faye Dunaway was really great in the film.  I’m surprised I hadn’t seen this before, really good film.

Taxi Driver – I saw as a teen, and have watched a few times as an adult.  Disturbing at times, but I’ve always enjoyed this film.  A great performance by Robert Deniro as he portrays a touched cab driver that obsesses on a worker on a political campaign and attempts an assassination in her “honor”.

Brian’s Winner:

Taxi Driver (but what a great year for movies!)



Ceremony Year (1977) – Movies Came Out In (1976)