Ceremony Year (1987)

Movies Came Out In (1986)


Platoon – Powerful film as it shows the Vietnam war from a young soldier’s view point and all the horrors and atrocities that occur.  Seen many times.  Really loved it, despite some disturbing moments.

Children of a Lesser God – Never saw this film and never really knew what it was about.  I was blown away.  What a great film as it tells the story of a teacher at school for the deaf who falls in love with the deaf janitor who refuses to speak by choice.  William Hurt and Marlee Matlin deliver 2 amazing performances.  I never thought much of Hurt as an actor, but I have to admit, this was impressive.  If you’ve never seen this movie, you should make time to watch it.

Hannah and Her Sisters – Never saw this originally, I enjoyed my recent viewing of it.  It’s somewhat of a typical Woody Allen film, based on my recent viewings (like Annie Hall) of his other films.  It basically tells the story of three sisters and their husbands/exes and complications that arise. Had funny moments, decent story, good acting.

The Mission – Never saw this originally, I enjoyed my recent viewing of it.  I actually don’t remember even hearing/seeing anything about this movie in all my years, especially weird since it stars Robert De Niro.  De Niro and Irons both deliver excellent acting performances.  The scenery/landscape was amazing and the story was pretty decent as tells the story of a group of Spanish Jesuits attempting to save a tribe from slavery in South American around the 18th century.  I would recommend watching.

A Room with a View – Never saw (or even heard of this movie) originally, watched it recently and I absolutely hated it.  Total borefest as a man and his son offer their hotel room to a mother and daughter, the son & daughter start a romance then have to break it off, years later the son and daughter meet but circumstances have changed (she’s engaged).

Brian’s Winner:

Platoon, very powerful movie.



Ceremony Year (1987) – Movies Came Out In (1986)