Ceremony Year (1930)

Movies Came Out In (1929)


The Broadway Melody – Watched recently, and was impressed to learn that this is the first “sound” film to winner the Oscar for best picture.  The film is actually pretty lousy.  The plot is: The Mahoney sisters from the vaudeville circuit try to make it big time on Broadway, but matters of the heart get in the way.  The characters (ALL OF THEM) are unlikeable, and the acting is really quite bad.  There are a number of song/dance routines in the film, and there are what you might expect from the period.  Nothing incredibly memorable.

Alibi – I watched recently, and it was pretty much what I expected for a movie about 90 years old.  The sound quality was pretty poor in the DVD copy I watched.  The plot was somewhat stereotypical “gangster” figures, and of course, a forbidden love affair between good and evil.  There were moments when some background music could have made the film much better, instead of long pauses for dramatic effect.  But I guess for 1929, the audiences probably didn’t care much.  It wasn’t terrible, but the plot wasn’t exactly great either.  In a way it’s very neat to see where the film industry started and where it’s morphed into today’s films.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 – What a strange motion picture.  Essentially, it was an MGM talent show, showing off dancing, singing, play dialog, and comedy routines with stars from MGM.  It was akin to something you’d seen at a high school theater production in the way that it was delivered, and similar to variety shows that would follow in later decades.  I really only recognized 2 of the acts, which were Joan Crawford (singing) and Laurel & Hardy (comedy).  I was surprised this was nominated for a Best Picture, as it had no plot (on purpose).  It was interesting to see 2 portions of the black & white film shown in Technicolor which must have been wildly advanced for the time.  I would only recommend watching if you wanted to know what it was like to go to a film in 1929 for entertainment value.

In Old Arizona – Just watched recently, and really did not like this film.  The plot is: A sheriff plays a game of cat-and-mouse with a coy bandit (The Cisco Kid) and the sheriff woes a girl at the same time, and an unfortunate thing happens in the end.  The acting is beyond corny, the plot is somewhat stupid, and I cannot recommend that you watch this movie.

The Patriot Poster

The Patriot – Plot: Paul I, the Emperor of All Russia, becomes the target of a deadly conspiracy.

This movie seems impossible to get/view anywhere. I cannot find it and thus have been unable to watch it. #MissingMovie

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From what I’ve seen: Alibi



Ceremony Year (1930) – Movies Came Out In (1929)