Ceremony Year (1971)

Movies Came Out In (1970)


Patton – Just watched recently, nice portrayal of his life (controversial American General George Patton), but honestly it was pretty long and not very exciting at times.

Airport – I had never seen this movie, which I would have thought at least one time while channel surfing as a kid I would have stopped and watched it.  The movie stars George Kennedy, who (in my mind) looks like my Grandpa Moose, who I have very few memories of.  So, often when I watch a George Kennedy movie (Cool Hand Luke, Naked Guns, Dirty Dozen, etc…), my mind thinks it’s actually Moose.  Did I enjoy this movie?  I actually did.  It’s funny to see how airports operated in 1970, but the story is actually pretty decent, though not terribly difficult to figure out.  This movie would be like a “made for TV” movie by today’s standards.

Five Easy Pieces – Watched recently.  I was familiar with the famous “toast” diner scene, but that was about it.  And honestly, that was the best part of the movie.  I thought it was pretty boring and not an interesting story in the least, as it simply relays the story of a college dropout from an upper class family slugging his way through life on oil rigs and other odd jobs/circumstances.

Love Story – I was very familiar with the music from this film but had never watched it until recently.  It was just okay.  I didn’t find it as incredibly sad as I was expecting (I was familiar with the premises, a basic love story between people of different classes and tragedy strikes).  I think by starting off the film letting us know that the main female character has passed away is somewhat lame and thus some of the sting/pain of her passing is taken away.  The acting was just okay and a little bit tired at times.

M*A*S*H – Watched as a teenager, but rewatched recently just to refresh my memory.  It’s so different than the TV series (Medical Unit escapades during the Korean War).  Upon rewatching it, the film feels a bit campy and dated, and somewhat dismissing the seriousness of the war which feels a little uncomfortable when watching (in my opinion).  Has some very funny moments, and it’s fun to see some famous names like Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould, Robert Duvall, etc. be so young.

Brian’s Winner:

Weak year for movies, I think.  I can live with Patton winning.



Ceremony Year (1971) – Movies Came Out In (1970)