Ceremony Year (2000)

Movies Came Out In (1999)


American Beauty – Great movie, great story, great acting, great directing. It’s a shame that Kevin Spacey turned out to be such a creep/monster, as it soils his really great performance as a father going through a mid-life crisis in this film.

The Cider House Rules – Never saw when originally out, just watched recently.  It was okay.  Several plot lines going at once, none of them all that compelling (orphan becomes a “doctor”, leaves to see the world, etc…), in my opinion.  Worth watching, I suppose.

The Green Mile – I hated this movie when I originally saw it, thought it was long and boring.  I rewatched a few years back, and while still long, I guess you could say I “liked” it after a second viewing.  Tom Hanks delivers a very good performance as a prison guard who’s life is affected by a wrongly accused black man who possesses a special gift.

The Insider – Way too boring, did not enjoy this flick. Stars Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, and I was expecting really great things as the story involves a chemist exposing “Big Tobacco” on “60 minutes” television program. But honestly, it’s a snooze fest in my opinion.

The Sixth Sense – Loved it.  To this day, one of my favorites. In case someone hasn’t seen it, I don’t want to say too much. This film can be watched again, with some time elapsed between viewings. Especially from the angle of looking for stuff you didn’t see in previous viewings.

Brian’s Winner:

The Sixth Sense



Ceremony Year (2000) – Movies Came Out In (1999)