Ceremony Year (2003)

Movies Came Out In (2002)


Chicago – Not a huge fan of musicals, but I enjoyed this. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger “compete” for publicity and fame while in prison and an unscrupulous lawyer (played by Richard Gere) interferes the whole time. I thought Gere was the weakest link, but all in all it’s a good story with a lot of memorable tunes.

Gangs of New York – Way too long, really disliked this movie. Set in the 1860’s a teen boy (Leonardo DiCaprio) returns to New York City to get revenge on his father’s killer, Bill the Butcher played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Clocking in at almost 3 hours, it just didn’t need to be that long to tell the story.

The Hours – This wasn’t my cup of tea.  There was some good acting but I just wasn’t a fan of the story line, which was 3 different generations of women have to deal with suicide in their lives. It’s pretty depressing and little dull at times.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Enjoyed the 2nd installment quite a bit, have seen several times since my original viewing. As Sam and Frodo continue their journey to Mordor with the ring, Gollum’s character really comes into focus in this episode of the trilogy. It’s long at almost 3 hours, but the plot moves along pretty rapidly and has a lot of action.

The Pianist – One of my all time favorites, such an amazing story and acting.  Love everything about this movie. This is the true story of a Polish musician’s survival in the Warsaw ghetto during WWII. It’s an incredible story/movie and everyone should watch it at least once.

Brian’s Winner:

The Pianist – It’s a crime this didn’t win.



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