Ceremony Year (1990)

Movies Came Out In (1989)


Driving Miss Daisy – Shockingly, I had never seen this movie until this quest.  No particular reason, just never made time to watch it.  I missed out.  I absolutely loved this film. Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy deliver outstanding performances as an African-American driver and a elderly Jewish woman develop a relationship over the course of time.

Born on the Fourth of July – Saw when it originally came out and rewatched recently.  I think it’s a decent movie (biographical), well depicted and deals with troubling subject matter.  I enjoyed it. Tom Cruise delivers a believable and gut wrenching performance as Ron Kovic who returns from Vietnam and becomes a political activist against the war and deals with feelings of betrayal by his country and citizens.

Dead Poets Society – A classic.  Very sad but uplifting at times.  I enjoyed it quite a bit (seen multiple times). I think this is Robin Williams finest acting piece as an English teacher that challenges his high school prep students to look at life from different perspectives.

Field of Dreams – I’m a baseball guy, I want to like this movie badly.  But I do not, too slow for me and a bit on the silly side. An Iowa farmer hears voices telling him to build a baseball field on his farm and “they will come”. Sure enough the 1919 White Sox magically show up.

My Left Foot – Never saw originally, but watched recently.  Great performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, and amazing story.  Glad I watched, I don’t think everyone would like it. It’s the true story of Christy Brown who was born with cerebral palsy but learns to paint/write/communicate with only his left foot.

Brian’s Winner:

Driving Miss Daisy



Ceremony Year (1990) – Movies Came Out In (1989)