Ceremony Year (1955)

Movies Came Out In (1954)


On the Waterfront – Saw recently, not sure if it holds up over time, but glad that I watched it to see classic Brando.

The Caine Mutiny – Saw recently, and rather enjoyed it.  A different role for Bogart, which I enjoyed.  Good story, held my interest, I would recommend watching if you’ve never seen it.

The Country Girl – An interesting film, and I rather enjoyed it (just watched recently).  The plot is: A director hires an alcoholic has-been and strikes up a stormy relationship with the actor’s wife, who he believes is the cause of all the man’s problems.  The director is William Holden, the alcoholic is Bing Crosby and the wife is Grace Kelly, so the movie has some major star power and excellent acting.  The plot is a little bit predictable and not terribly exciting, but it held my attention sufficiently.  If you got a chance to see this film, I think you may enjoy it.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Wow, I did not like this movie/musical.  Just watched it recently.  This is the type of movie that would have been playing on tv on a Sunday afternoon, and you’d flip by it and go “no thanks, I’d rather watch paint dry”.  The acting is corny, the story is corny, the scenery is corny.  The whole thing is just corny.  This is the type of film that makes people not want to watch musicals.  It’s 1850 in Oregon, and everything looks like it’s on the set of a JC Penney photo shoot, all pristine and clean, perfect hair, makeup, clothes, etc…. And everyone breaks out into song, and knows the same words even though 10 seconds before they had no idea of the subject matter.  Just awful.

Three Coins in the Fountain – Just watched, and this film is just “ok”.  Not awful, but not particularly great.  I did like the music.  The plot is: Three American women working in Rome, Italy, share a spacious apartment and the desire to find love and marriage, each experiencing a few bumps in their journeys to romance.  Some of the romance/situations are just corny/unbelievable, but I guess for it’s time it would pass as a decent rom-com.

Brian’s Winner:

On the Waterfront, with The Caine Mutiny a close second.



Ceremony Year (1955) – Movies Came Out In (1954)