Ceremony Year (1929)

Movies Came Out In (1928)


Wings – The first silent picture that I’ve ever watched.  Considering that it’s almost 100 years old, it really wasn’t that bad.  It was basically a propaganda film post WW1 and I can understand why audiences liked it.  It was entertaining enough, a bit long at 2.5 hours, but the plot was pretty typical by today’s standards (and not very different from films like Pearl Harbor, 2 boys fighting over the same girl go off to war, etc…).  All in all, not a bad film especially given its age.

7th Heaven – This is the second silent picture that I’ve ever watched (see above). The plot is pretty simple, boy saves girl from the streets of Paris, slowly fall in love, war takes him away, thought to be dead, turns out not to be.  I do find it hard to watch a movie with no dialog for almost 2 hours.  The plot was just “ok”, at times incredibly corny, but given the time period, such seems to be the norm.  I wouldn’t rush out to see this film, unless old silent films is your thing.

The Racket – This is the third silent picture that I’ve ever watched (see previous 2 above).  A simple story of an honest cop trying to take down a powerful gangster who also has corrupt officials and politicians on his side as well.  The music and the way the silent film story is told basically epitomizes everything that my modern day brain views “silent films”.  It’s very “Keystone Cop-ish”.

Brian’s Winner:

Wings was definitely the best of the 3.



Ceremony Year (1929) – Movies Came Out In (1928)