Ceremony Year (1970)

Movies Came Out In (1969)


Midnight Cowboy – Saw this when I was a teenager, really did not like this movie.  I love the hit song “Everybody’s Talkin’” but that’s about it for me and this movie which involves an unlikely friendship of two fellows that are looking to get rich in life.

Anne of the Thousand Days – I just watched this movie recently, and rather enjoyed it.  The movie moved along at a nice pace, and told a pretty interesting historical account of King Henry VIII and his pursuit of Anne Boleyn.  I would actually recommend this movie to anyone interested in the topic, I think you’d enjoy it.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Have watch dozens of times, one of my all-time favorites.  So glad that my dad introduced me to this at such an early age.  Two of the coolest actors (Paul Newman & Robert Redford) at their prime in a story of a couple of bank robbers in the old West constantly on the run and involved in high jinx.

Hello, Dolly! – I’ve known some of the songs in this musical for years, but never watched it until recently.  Barbra Streisand does a really good job in the lead role, and I really liked Mathau’s character/acting.  It’s a bit on the corny/predictable side, but still pretty entertaining as a matchmaker in Yonkers, NY, finds love for herself.

Z – Never heard of this movie until recently.  It’s a subtitled political thriller involving an assassination on a political figure, and the cover-up by the government.  Since it’s subtitled, it’s very hard for me to gauge the acting, but the plot is “ok”.  It’s based on a 1963 novel, which is loosely based on turmoil in Greece around that time.  Would I recommend watching this film?  Probably not.

Brian’s Winner:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, easily, it’s a crime this didn’t win.



Ceremony Year (1970) – Movies Came Out In (1969)