Ceremony Year (1968)

Movies Came Out In (1967)


In the Heat of the Night – Never originally saw this (hate to admit that I never knew the TV series was based on a movie).  I really enjoyed watching this film.  It was probably super edgy for the time period, but a bit tame by today’s movie standards.  I could see if this were remade today that the portrayal would be more “accurate”, in that, even though some of the characters were a-holes in the film, they probably were even bigger a-hole than what was portrayed. The story is quite simple in that an African-American cop investigates a murder in a Southern town.

Bonnie and Clyde – Just watched for the first time, very recently, had never seen it before.  I enjoyed it. Decent action scenes, decent plot/acting.  Faye Dunaway was a knockout beauty, Gene Wilder was fun to see show up, and I had no idea that Gene Hackman was in it as well.  Warren Beatty was his typical self from what I’ve seen him in now (Bugsy, Reds), and a pretty one dimensional actor, in my opinion. The plot is pretty basic in that a bored waitress teams up with an ex-con to go on a celebrity-like crime spree.

Doctor Dolittle – This movie is so gosh darn corny, I have a hard time believing that even children would enjoy it.  But it does have a couple of memorable tunes in it.  But the plot (a veterinarian who can talk to animals goes to find the “Great Pink Sea Snail”) is beyond silly; however, the animals are pretty adorable.  Way too long though.

The Graduate – A good coming of age movie, I watched as a teen and pretty recently.  I’ve always liked this film, not sure it holds up over time and today’s youth would relate to it.  But nonetheless, I’ve always liked it. The plot is about a recent college graduate that falls for the mother of the girl that he’s supposed to be dating.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Honestly, I don’t think I had ever heard of this movie prior to my movie watching quest.  What a great film.  Had to be super edgy for its day, heck, it’s somewhat edgy for a lot people today (unfortunately).  I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  My “favorite” part: being able to get to the airport at 10:30pm for a 10:45pm flight. The plot is about a mother and father who’s values/beliefs are challenged when their white daughter brings home her African-American fiancé.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner



Ceremony Year (1968) – Movies Came Out In (1967)