Ceremony Year (2006)

Movies Came Out In (2005)


Crash – I enjoyed this movie.  Did I think it was great, compared to other past winners, not really. But it did star Tony Danza, and that guy can really act. The story revolves the lives of several citizens of Los Angeles and how their fates interconnect involving loss, racial issues and romance.

Brokeback Mountain – I never saw this film originally, and just watched it recently.  It was a decent/interesting story, I knew the premise from pop culture references, but didn’t know all the plot intricacies which were in it.  I was a little surprised that the most nudity in the film came from the 2 female stars (Hathaway and Williams) and not the male stars, given the main plot (2 male cowboys fall in love while leading their hetero lives).  It was ok, but I don’t think I was missing out from not having watched it until recently.

Capote – I didn’t dislike this movie, but I didn’t love it either.  I knew a bit about Capote from high school, but had no idea that his relationship with the killers from “In Cold Blood” was so extensive.  Amazing acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman.  And I wasn’t aware that Harper Lee and Capote were such good friends.  I learned a lot from watching, but wasn’t extremely entertained.

Good Night, and Good Luck – Luckily, it was short, because I found it really boring.  In my opinion, this movie wouldn’t even have been on the radar if not for the star power in it (Clooney, Downey Jr., mainly). The story is about a journalist’s (Edward R. Murrow) attempt to take down Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950’s.

Munich – Expected more.  It was long and made the story a bit boring. It’s a true account of the aftermath of the tragedy of the 1972 Olympic Games, and the revenge sought by Israel for the deaths of their athletes. I felt like it could have been told in a much more compelling manner.

Brian’s Winner:

Crash, but a weak year in my opinion.



Ceremony Year (2006) – Movies Came Out In (2005)