Ceremony Year (2005)

Movies Came Out In (2004)


Million Dollar Baby – Absolutely loved this film  The acting, the directing, and the story (an aspiring female boxer rises through the ranks with the help of a crotchety legendary trainer). A must watch for all.

The Aviator – An interesting biopic about Howard Hughes, but way too long.  A strange fellow for sure, and it was a decent film, just could have been about 30-45 minutes shorter and gotten the point across.

Finding Neverland – An interesting story about the author of Peter Pan and the family which influenced his writings. Since it was true, I had no idea about how Peter Pan was created.  I liked it, didn’t love it.

Ray – I never saw this until recently.  I had no idea that Ray Charles was such a womanizer and drug user, and I wasn’t aware of how he became blind either.  It was an eye-opening movie and I rather quite enjoyed it.  Tremendous acting by Foxx, and of course, great music.

Sideways – I enjoyed this movie, pretty funny.  Nothing earth shattering but I thought it was worth watching. The story is simply about two guys (one who’s about to married) having a “lost” weekend in wine country.

Brian’s Winner:

Million Dollar Baby



Ceremony Year (2005) – Movies Came Out In (2004)