Ceremony Year (1998)

Movies Came Out In (1997)


Titanic – I enjoyed Titanic quite a bit.  I’ve watched it recently and it has held up well in my opinion. It’s a fictional love story taking place on the true story of the sinking of the Titanic. While some viewers cringe at the whole plot, it’s a cinematic masterpiece for scenery, dialogue, sets, special effects, etc… Truly authentic.

As Good as It Gets – Never saw this originally, just watched recently.  It was a cute comedy, reasonably paced, nothing earth shattering but I thought it was ok to watch. A waitress and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship/relationship. Jack Nicholson delivers a good performance, but not Oscar winning worthy, imho. Helen Hunts performance was better and I believe she did deserve her Oscar for best actress.

The Full Monty – Never saw this originally, just watched recently.  Enjoyed the story, it was amusing, I was entertained as a group of unemployed steel workers perform strip teases to make a living. Has some really hilarious parts.

Good Will Hunting – Being from New England, how can I not love this movie?  Love it.  Story and acting, just very compelling. An underachieving math wizard gets help from a psychiatrist to set him on a path which isn’t a waste of his talents. Robin Williams is the most compelling actor of this film, I think it’s his best role of his career.

L.A. Confidential – Love this movie, tense, action packed, great story. It’s the story of 3 policeman in the 1950’s and their 3 very different styles used in solving a serious of murders in Los Angeles. This movie is a must-see and I’ve seen it many times.

Brian’s Winner:

L.A. Confidential, although I can live with Titanic getting the nod.



Ceremony Year (1998) – Movies Came Out In (1997)