Ceremony Year (1983)

Movies Came Out In (1982)


Gandhi – Great film.  Saw a few times as a kid growing up in school.  Very powerful. True story in which Ben Kingsley plays Mahatma Gandhi and his peaceful, non-violent ways to get British control out of India.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Great film.  Holds up in my opinion, as I’ve watched with my own daughter.  I always cry at ET “dying”. The story is basically that a young pre-teen boy befriends an alien who got left behind on earth and has to fight the government for the alien’s safety.

Missing – Never saw originally, but saw recently.  Based on a true story, the depiction was “ok”.   Some of the acting felt “flat”, especially the interaction between Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemon.  I was glad I watched, I wasn’t aware of this situation (an American journalist disappears in Chile during a government overthrow in 1973).

Tootsie – Never saw originally, but saw recently.  I enjoyed it, pretty funny. The story holds up well, even by today’s standards, as an out of work male actor has to pretend to be a woman to get a starring role on a soap opera.

The Verdict – Never saw originally, but funny how this simple plot (washed up lawyer, takes on big money suit, setbacks ensue, redeems himself, etc…) has shown up a lot over the years in movies.  It was “ok”, pretty predictable.  I really did not like Paul Newman striking the woman in the bar, that was a bit much and I could have done without.

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Ceremony Year (1983) – Movies Came Out In (1982)