Ceremony Year (1942)

Movies Came Out In (1941)


How Green Was My Valley – Just watched recently and thought the movie was average at best.  It’s the story of a Welsh mining family living in South Wales during the 19th century.  It’s simply a story of life in the mines, love, divorce, death, births, tragedy, triumphs are all experienced during the film.  Not the greatest film, but not terrible either.

Blossoms in the Dust – Watched recently and this movie was “ok”.    I knew the story was semi-biographical (plot is: couple loses child, wife opens orphanage in Texas to help those in need), but was disappointed to find out that the movie was highly “sensationalized”.  The acting is good, the plot is somewhat transparent, but I did think it was worth watching.

Citizen Kane – Watched as an adult and I thought this movie was just bizarre.  I did not enjoy it at all and I do not understand the fuss.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan – I watched on TCM and enjoyed this film.  The plot has been remade a few times (Heaven Can Wait, and Chris Rock’s Down To Earth).  The acting was just average, but the storyline plays out pretty well.  It wouldn’t be my first choice in film watching, but if there was nothing else on, it’s not a bad viewing.

Hold Back the Dawn – Another very difficult film to find, but I finally found a decent copy to watch.  The story is pretty good as it involves an immigrant attempting to enter the US via marrying an American girl.  At first it’s all for the con, but eventually he falls in love and some tragedy strikes.  I enjoyed this film and think it holds up well for the romantic story that it is.

The Little Foxes – A pretty decent drama starring Bette Davis, where she’s a Southern fighting for wealth against her brothers, and her husband is rather sickly and not extremely fond of her.  There’s turmoil with their daughter as well, which adds more drama to the situation.  I enjoyed this film quite a bit, but I admit I had to pay attention pretty intently to understand some of the plot line which were getting lost on me (I read the on-line summary just to have a better understanding).  I would recommend watching this film if you ever get the chance.

The Maltese Falcon – Watched as an adult, and thought it was pretty good.  The plot is a detective takes on a case which involves a beautiful lady who’s a liar, 3 odd ball criminals and priceless statue (the Maltese falcon).  A little dated for today’s standards, but I enjoyed nevertheless.

One Foot in Heaven – Watched recently and color me unimpressed.  Set around 1900’s, a fellow is on his way to becoming a doctor and has a change of heart.  Decides to be a minister, moves his soon-to-be bride to Iowa and leads the parish.  Throughout the years he & his growing family move from parish to parish, serves in WWI, live in sub-standard parsonages and deal with the struggles of life & ministry.  The main character is pretty two-faced, in my opinion.   Acting holier than thou when it suits him, and a cranky old crotch when it doesn’t.  He manipulates people for their donations to the church and his dishonesty doesn’t bother him at all.  I didn’t like this movie on many levels.

Sergeant York – Watched as an adult, and thought it was the corniest of all cornballs.  A marksman is drafted into WW1, and becomes a celebrated war hero.  So cheesy, especially the “war” scenes.

Suspicion – This is Hitchcock “thriller” where a woman marries a good looking playboy and then constantly suspects him of murder and possibly trying to murder her.  The film was just okay in my opinion.  Not terribly suspenseful or intriguing but not terrible either.  Not one of Hitchcock’s best film, again in my opinion.

Brian’s Winner:

The Little Foxes



Ceremony Year (1942) – Movies Came Out In (1941)