Ceremony Year (1939)

Movies Came Out In (1938)


You Can’t Take It with You – Just watched on TCM (a man from a rich snooty family gets engaged to a woman from an eccentric family).  It was an interesting story, but ultimately a very corny/predictable ending.  I actually didn’t mind this movie, even though it is somewhat dated.  It was fun seeing a youngish Jimmy Stewart, and the court room scene reminded me of his George Bailey bank scene (which was 8 years later in 1946’s It’s A Wonderful Life).

The Adventures of Robin Hood – I saw this as a kid and a few times as an adult.  I still rather enjoy this film, despite it being a little dated compared to modern films.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band – I just watched recently, it’s a fun film filled with a love story intertwined between musical numbers.  I could see where in 1938 this was probably a catchy film to go see in theaters and enjoy.  The music is obviously dated by today’s standards, but still has some decent catchy tunes in it.

Boys Town – Watched recently and thought this was a pretty good film.  It’s an biographical drama film based on Father Edward J. Flanagan’s work with a group of underprivileged and delinquent boys in a home that he founded.  Spencer Tracy delivers an excellent performance as Father Flanagan, however, Mickey Rooney’s child character is all sorts of cheesy/corny.  That was my least likable part of the movie.  But this was a good film and I’m glad I watched it.

The Citadel – Rented on Amazon Video because I couldn’t find it anywhere else.  Set in  England (London at times), around mid-1930’s, a young doctor finds himself struggling to make a difference as a doctor/researcher, gets lured by dirty/easy money, and eventually rediscovers his way.  This was a good film with a good message.  Even though it’s quite old, it really didn’t feel too dated.  The acting was good/believable and the plot held my attention.  This film was worth watching.

Four Daughters – Just watched this on TCM, was not impressed.  Movie felt like a play, and not a very exciting one.  It was basically a soap opera, very transparent, not much intrigue.  Color me unimpressed.

Grand Illusion – Just watched recently, and I liked this film quite a bit.  It’s a French film, so it’s subtitled, and it’s about some French soldiers that attempt a prison escape from a German POW camp in World War 1.  I enjoyed the plot, and it was neat to see elements of their prison escapes that I’ve seen in later films (like Great Escape).

Jezebel – Just watched recently, and this was a pretty decent film starring Bette Davis and Henry Fonda.  A Southern belle doesn’t appreciate what she has (fiancee) until she loses him, and attempt to win him back.  The plot is pretty good and moves along nicely.  I would recommend watching if you ever get the chance to view it.

Pygmalion – Just watched recently and as I was watching, I was like “Wait, this is ‘My Fair Lady’ but without the singing”.  I liked it quite a bit. It’s a movie based on George Bernard Shaw’s play (of the same name).  I had no idea the musical was based on this play.  This was a good film, worth watching.

Test Pilot – Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy star in this film about a test pilot that falls in love, and likes to push the boundaries of life and alcohol.  The film I would classify as just “ok”.  It’s not great, but it’s not unwatchable either.  It’s a bit corny at times, especially with the romance developments (typical for the period).

Brian’s Winner:

Very good year for films, this was difficult, but I think my favorite was Grand Illusion



Ceremony Year (1939) – Movies Came Out In (1938)