Ceremony Year (1956)

Movies Came Out In (1955)


Marty – A cute comedy about a 35 year old overweight guy who can’t seem to find a match and then stumbles into a lady that no one seems to want.  It did bother me that they openly called the young lady a “dog” the entire movie, sometimes right to her face.  Sign of the times I suppose, and honestly, she wasn’t even bad looking.

Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – This movie was a bit of a bore.  The plot is: A widowed doctor of both Chinese and European descent falls in love with a married American correspondent in Hong Kong during China’s Communist revolution.  William Holden was the newsman, and I guess his acting was okay, but the overall premise/storyline was just uninteresting.

Mister Roberts – This was a cute movie starring Henry Fonda, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon.  It had an unexpected sad ending, after being somewhat of a happy-go-lucky comedy for pretty much the entire movie.  I have a feeling that life on a ship during WW2 wasn’t quite accurately portrayed by this movie, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Picnic – A William Holden film I was not impressed with.  Just watched on TCM, and felt like everything was super rushed or super corny.  This was one of the films that made Holden into a movie superstar/heart throb.  Just didn’t think it was a very good story or even believable for the time period (mid 50’s).

The Rose Tattoo – Just watched this movie recently, and it was just ok.  Love story of an Italian-American woman that finds out her recently deceased husband had affairs, and Burt Lancaster’s character tries to woo the woman.  Lancaster’s character really bugged me at how goofy/stupid he was and it didn’t seem to bother the leading lady at all. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this film.

Brian’s Winner:

Marty, with Mister Roberts a close second.



Ceremony Year (1956) – Movies Came Out In (1955)