Ceremony Year (1953)

Movies Came Out In (1952)


The Greatest Show on Earth – I just saw recently, and I’m stunned this won.  I’m almost stunned this was a movie.  It was like a big advertisement for the circus, for people (at the time) that had never seen a circus.  It was interesting to see Heston not in a loin clothe and all dirty.  Jimmy Stewart was in clown make-up the entire film, which was weird.  The plot is: The dramatic lives of trapeze artists, a clown, and an elephant trainer are told against a background of circus spectacle.  However, the lives weren’t that interesting and the train crash/wreck was a farce.  I cannot recommend watching this movie, I hated it.

High Noon – Saw recently, thought it was a bit corny, but perhaps exciting/edgy for the film period.  Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly are big name stars in it.  I’m not sure it held up but given the film’s age, it was pretty good and I’d watch again.

Ivanhoe – Saw recently, a knight (Ivanhoe) seeks to put King Richard back on the throne, instead of Prince John.  The merry band of fighters in Sherwood Forrest help Ivanhoe in his quest.  The plot/acting are just ok, very much on-par for the film period.  It was just “ok” and maybe if you were bored this may be entertaining to some degree.

Moulin Rouge – Just watched and this film is absolutely nothing like the 2001 remake, like not at all.  The remake should have just picked a different title for it’s name.  This film involved telling the fictional life tale of a real artist who was a deformed cripple.  The movie was just “ok” and not anything that I would rush out to see or recommend.

The Quiet Man – Saw recently, and it was a pretty silly rom-com starring John Wayne.  Typical Wayne acting, and the plot was a bit thin to say the least.  Wayne’s character is quite the abuser by today’s standards and I didn’t find him very likable at all.  He’s an American that travels to his birth home in Ireland, meets Mary Kate and falls in love.  Donnybrooks and misunderstandings ensue involving Mary Kate’s brother and Wayne’s character.  Again, I thought it was all pretty dumb.

Brian’s Winner:

High Noon



Ceremony Year (1953) – Movies Came Out In (1952)