Ceremony Year (1961)

Movies Came Out In (1960)


The Apartment – Really enjoyed this film.  Great acting, cute story.  I think the movie holds up very well.  I can see why Jack Lemmon was such a popular actor.

The Alamo – Just watched recently, this was your typical western of the day.  Corny at times, fighting was somewhat sterile and not believable, and the film was not based on historical accuracy (based on Wikipedia).  John Wayne was Davy Crockett, and was his typical John Wayne acting.  I think if this film were 45 minutes shorter, it’d be more tolerable by today’s standards.  But for today’s film standards, this film just isn’t that good.

Elmer Gantry – Just watched recently, I can see why this movie would have been controversial in certain circles given the time period, as it basically shows traveling religious acts as con artists and money grubbers.  The film opens with a warning as well, which I found to be amusing.  Burt Lancaster delivers a strong acting performance in the lead role, and the overall plot is pretty entertaining.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this film, but I didn’t mind watching for what it was worth.

Sons and Lovers – Rented on Amazon Video because I couldn’t find it anywhere else.  It was okay.  It’s a film adaption of a D.H. Lawrence novel (same title).  Basically, a young English man in the early 1900’s struggles between find loving and the relationship with his mother.  It’s got some very Oedipus undertones, though not overly overt in my opinion.  The best part to me was seeing Dean Stockwell as a very young man, since I only really know him from Quantum Leap.  The acting was okay/good, and the plot was just so-so.

The Sundowners – Watched on TCM recently, and it was “ok”.  Story about a family in Australia that goes from place to place looking for work, contemplating settling down, and having some of life’s adventures catch up with them.  The scenery and landscapes (set on location in Australia) were very pretty.  The movie was just average.

Brian’s Winner:

The Apartment



Ceremony Year (1961) – Movies Came Out In (1960)