Ceremony Year (1951)

Movies Came Out In (1950)


All About Eve – All About Eve – (winner) – Saw recently and I liked this movie quite a bit. Anne Baxter (Eve) does a great job of weaseling her way into the life/career of Bette Davis (Margo) in a very compelling and conniving manner.  This is a movie worth watching.

Born Yesterday – Watched on TCM recently, and thought this film was pretty good.  I could see where people would enjoy it as a rom-com in 1950.  Holiday’s voice is a bit on the annoying side, but I liked Holden in it.

Father of the Bride – Watched on TCM recently.  Having seen the Steve Martin version several times, I had absolutely no idea it was a remake for all those years.  This version (starring Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor) was interesting, in that: it wasn’t very much a comedy and wasn’t really a drama.  I’m not sure what it was supposed to be other than the simple story of a father going thru the agony of giving his daughter away and the wedding chaos/expense.  The Martin version really plays up the wedding planner (Martin Short) as comic relief, this original version does not.  It was an interesting film to watch because of having seen the remake, which I think is a lot funnier and just generally better.

King Solomon’s Mines – Just watched recently, and I had seen the remake in the 1980’s (which was awful), so I was curious as to how the original was.  It’s not a great movie, but I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to film wild animals on location pre-1950 (i.e. CGI and movie magic).  The plot is relatively weak, and the acting is just so-so.  One thing that majorly bothered me is: they’re trekking through jungle/desert and the female lead actress is always in pristine condition (hair perfect, clothes perfect, etc…), i.e. not much realism going on there.

Sunset Boulevard – Saw recently, and rather enjoyed this story and the acting.  I think it held up well.  I liked Holden’s acting in it as well as he portrays a struggling screenwriter trying to weasel his way into a fading movie star’s life as she attempts a “comeback”.

Brian’s Winner:

All About Eve



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