Ceremony Year (1972)

Movies Came Out In (1971)


The French Connection – I enjoyed this film quite a bit.  Saw as a kid, and as an adult.  Somewhat paved the road for modern thrillers, as the story involves a couple of New York City cops uncovering a narcotics deal involving a foreign connection (France).

A Clockwork Orange – Saw in college, and really didn’t understand it at all.  A bit “too out there” for me, as it’s a futuristic film in which the main character is imprisoned and subjected to torture experiments which do not go as planned.

Fiddler on the Roof – Enjoyed this musical about a peasant man marrying off his Jewish daughters while contending with a growing anti-Semitism movement in the community. Have watched it with my daughter quite a few times.

The Last Picture Show – Never heard of this movie until recently.  I enjoyed it.  Cool movie shot in black and white.  A coming of age movie and some big name stars (Cybil Sheperd, Jeff Bridges and Randy Quaid) as youngsters.

Nicholas and Alexandra – Just watched this film as part of my quest.  It clocks in at over 3 hours, but actually doesn’t drag on that much.  It keeps a steady pace and held my interest while I was watching it.  Great film to learn about Russia in the early 1900’s and the final czar, the Bolsheviks, Rasputin, and Lenin’s rise to power.  I actually enjoyed this film quite a bit.

Brian’s Winner:

The French Connection, a really good year for movie nominations though!



Ceremony Year (1972) – Movies Came Out In (1971)